Geriatric Care Management

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A Care Manager is a professional with specialized expertise and knowledge in elder care and/or the care of people with disabilities. Our Care Managers not only hold advanced degrees in social work, nursing, or related health and human services fields, but have years of experience in case management and working with community resources. The purpose of our Care Managers is to evaluate your situation, identify solutions, and work with you or your loved one to design a care plan that maximizes independence and well-being.

When considering engaging the services of a Care Manager, you should evaluate whether you have the time, inclination, or skills to manage the challenges of your loved one's care. If you are unsure, seek the advice and support of trusted advisors and family members to decide whether consulting a professional will help with the many solutions you need.

How Do We Help?

Our focus is on both the individual's wants and needs. Care Management involves an in-depth assessment, developing a care plan, arranging for services and following up and monitoring care. One of the benefits is that Care Managers often suggest potential alternatives you might not have considered, due to their experience and familiarity with community resources.

As well as helping the individual directly, we will become their guide and liaison
through the rocky terrain of attorneys and trust officers , physicians , home care companies , and social workers .

Care Managers help lower the costs of care by recognizing any duplication of services, inappropriate placements, and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

If you are a family member living away from your loved one, a Care Manager is there to inform you of your loved one's status. They are there to make sure everything is going well and will alert you of any problems. It is often the case, that the person receiving services will open up more to their Care Manager about issues they are dealing with than to their family for fear of being a burden to their loved one's.

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